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It is located in the southeastern part of Tenerife, more exactly in Adeje’s San Eugenio urban area. It is considered to be among the most important tourist centres on this island, as it is one of the port facilities being equipped with today’s necessary requirements.

Duly protected by a curved-shelter dock, it has a capacity for over 360 vessels and 237 dry docks.

Coordinates: 28º 04,7' N - 16º 44,2' W. Radio communications: V.H.F. Channel 9 and 16.

The area where the port and related facilities are located has excellent weather conditions where mean temperatures range from 22 to 27 Celsius degrees throughout the year. It is therefore an ideal place for the permanent docking of vessels or as an intermediate destination to continue on a journey across the Atlantic.

This Port is privileged to be located in, or rather, being part of a wide tourist environment, because it is surrounded by one of the most exclusive urban areas in Tenerife. Comfortable hotels meet the most demanding tastes and famous and well-stocked commercial centres offer a variety of choices during the night time, not to mention the unrivalled beaches where the Sun is hot all year round.

This port facility, 16 kilometres away from Queen Sophie South Airport, has been the European Union’s blue flag since 1991.

A lift portico, a ramp, fresh water vessel services, electricity, fuel, radio and meteorology are some of the facilities provided by this port.

Also available to customers are maintenance services such as paint, general cleanup, repairs and even engine and vessel sales.

Annual average activity is over 97 percent, which shows that it is the favourite port for those who know of its top quality services. The closest inlet is in Los Cristianos.

The well-known La Pinta beach is also nearby. It is approximately 200 metres long and 50 metres wide with golden and fine sand splashed with the calm waters of a nice spa where there are kiosks, restaurants, Red Cross posts, showers, toilets, telephone booths, sea promenade, litter baskets, beach umbrellas and hammocks. This beach is 7 kilometres from Adeje and 4.5 kilometres from Los Cristianos.


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